Here you find all available movies on YouTube about our Electronic Order System and about Homeopathy, the research and insight in illnes and recovery

YouTube movies with explanation about our Electronic Order System

           short movie (3,5 minute) with explanation about our Electronic Order System and our system with warnings - Dutch language



YouTube movies about Homeopathy

1. 30 minutes documentary about the research of our recovery system and the working mechanism of homeopathy

2. movie from the German TV (30 minutes) about the possibilities of the Homeopathy with humans and animals, German language and Dutch titles

3. beautifull small animation in English with Dutch titels (3 minutes) about "let go" and "resett" from P.H.Meuwese, homeopathic doctor

4. The memory of water (3 minutes) researched in Stuttgart

5. The contracurrent (heretic) (30 minutes) in science, that works contraproductiv in new developments (Jacques Benveniste)

6. The memory of water (50 minutes), Luc Montagnier, rehabilitation of Benveniste

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