Dear colleagues,

As you might possibly know, the Hahnemann Pharmacy started its activities in 2000 when it became clear, that the position of homeopathic remedies in the Netherlands would change drastically.

We anticipated the changes by stocking up on base materials, which cannot be prepared industrially without registration anymore. We obtained these raw materials through VSM Geneesmiddelen and other homeopathic industries. As a pharmacy we are allowed to deliver homeopathic remedies prepared from these base materials without the obligation for registration.

As a pharmacy, we are equipped in such a way, that we can produce all necessary preparations. We can deliver in diluted form as granules (usually the granules of which there are 20 granuli per gram) and, of course, in any other format of grains. We cannot supply tablets, but we will, in consultation, if there is no other option (insolubility in lower potencies) supply a trituration. 

We consider it our task, if necessary, to look for suitable alternatives for complex remedies that are not available anymore.

The inspection of the Public Health Service (IGZ in Dutch), gave new directions for the so-called ‘colleague’ preparations. Formerly the colleague delivery was still based on the letter of 4 February 2002. Because of the introduction of the new law on medicine per July 1, 2007, the policy of the inspection was also changed at that point and recently adapted.

Under strict conditions deliveries to colleagues are permitted. These conditions like e.g. a product dossier and compliance to GMP regulations, only enables colleague deliveries on a big scale. We have therefore chosen to only directly supply patients of the Hahnemann Pharmacy. Those are the so-called officinal and magistral preparations. 

In the interest of the individual health care, we therefore offer the following possibilities for your patient:

  • In conference with your patient, you send us the original prescription(s) (or certified copies) for the non-registered homeopathica. (You keep a copy yourself.) In the Netherlands you can send these to our Box number (antwoordnummer) 1621, 1850 WB Heiloo. Please, indicate clearly which remedies were already delivered by you (if applicable). We will then take care of an immediate delivery to this mutual patient.
  • You can also choose to inform the patient that he or she directly can present the prescription(s) to the Hahnemann Pharmacy: In the Netherlands, Postbus 69, 1850 AB Heiloo. We can only accept the original or a certified copy of the original prescription.
  • Prescriptions from foreign pharmacies will not be accepted. We advice the prescriber to order directly via our electronic order system for his or her patient(s).

Kind regards,

Martin Dicke, pharmacist

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