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Highlights homeopathica
*Extended description of the preparation methods
*Very complete information about the dynamisation proces with pictures
*Pharmaceutical important background information
*Recent scientific research
*Graphs about the duration and activity of potencies
*Explanation about the relation between Self-Healing and Placebo effect
*Essential is the sharing of information
*And sharing is also the purpose of life itself

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On the occasion of the 15th year of exist of the Hahnemann pharmacy we made this book for you. We think we have made a very complete insight in the development of the preparation of homeopathic remedies and insights in the proces of potentiation until now.

This book is mainly mentioned for the professionals in homeopathy, but can also give new patients and outsiders more insight in the world of homeopathy. And we pretend thta this booklet gives also more understanding in the perspective that homeopathy can give to our health care system. 

Conviction can prohibit development. We hope that our conviction is not fixed and offers us the possibility to develop homeopathy more and more. The same fixed conviction that prohibit nowadays the conventionel medical world. Only when you can stop this fixed conviction there is space for development.

We dont want to support or deny any specific method in our profession. The only method is to discove together with professionals our method. We hope we made the good decisions so far.

If you want to help us with our vision and development please feel free to react to my email adress        

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