International clients

Thank you for your interest in our pharmacy. The Hahnemann pharmacy specializes in homeopathic remedies. In the Netherlands there are two kinds of (homeopathic) remedies: those with a national registration and those without. Those that have a registration number can be bought in every pharmacy, health and drug store. The remedies that don’t have such a registration number are a lot more difficult to come by.

Only a pharmacy that makes the remedies them selves and has a prescription for a specific patient from a qualified person (medical doctor, homeopath, Heilpraktiker), can deliver the remedies to clients/patients, practitioners, homeopaths and medical doctors  but not to other pharmacies.

We need the following information:


  • the name of the practitioner
  • is the practitioner a medical doctor or not
  • the address of the practitioner
  • the phone number of the practitioner
  • the email address of the practitioner


  • the name of the client/patient
  • the address of the client/patient
  • date of birth of the client/patient
  • male or female
  • the phone number of the client/patient
  • the email address of the client/patient
  • the prescription (original, scan or fax)

You can send this prescription to:

                                                                       Hahnemann Apotheek B.V.
                                                                         Postbus 69 
                                                                         NL-1850 AB Heiloo
                                                                         The Netherlands

                                                                         Fax: +31 72 5325375


We will send you a PayPal invoice by email which has to be paid before we send the order. You can transfer the money by PayPal or by bank using our IBAN/BIC (Swift) codes.

We will charge you the actual postage costs so the amount depends on the way you want the remedies send, the quantity/weight of the parcel and destination.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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