Patient information

Since October 2012 patient information leaflets with specific product information are no longer publicly allowed. We will only in relation to your own prescription be able to supply you with a specific information leaflet. More than 600 hundred specific information leaflets are now available (ONLY IN DUTCH), with new ones regularly added onto this list. A general information leaflet permitted by the government now accompanies only the authorized homeopathic remedies. For a demand of a specific text, you can click here. If so desired, you can find descriptions from the standard homeopathic books (Materia Medica) yourself in English, French or German:

Patient information
Under this heading you will find the names of more than 600 homeopathic base materials with specific background information (ONLY IN DUTCH); the one prescribed for you is among them.

Since October 2012 patient information in relation to a prescription is only available on demand because of a change in the law.
From January 2008 till October 2012 you could find specific patient information on our website for the many patients who wanted to know why a specific remedy was prescribed and how it worked.

The WGBO (de Wet op de Gemeenschappelijke Behandelings Overeenkomst) changed the law and allows only a general leaflet with information. Although the WGBO obliges pharmacies to give information about the working of a medicine, they consider our specific information leaflets advertising, which they aren’t. It is specific, relevant information about the working of homeopathic remedies. The result is that you can find a general information leaflet on our website, but for specific information you will need a personal prescription of a remedy. 

Do you have a prescription?
If you are a patient and have a prescription, please, send us a message so we can send you the specific information of your remedy.

Specific information leaflets still ‘under way’
There are 3000 homeopathic base materials of which 600 have already been described in the specific information leaflets that are available. In case your prescribed single homeopathic remedy has not yet been described by our pharmacy, we will do our outmost to find the information in existing homeopathic literature for you. 

Magistral homeopathica are the exception
It is not common to supply specific information leaflets for magistral homeopathica. This is mainly due to their unavailability to the public. Of course, the general information leaflet is always to be found on our website.

Origin and importance of specific information
The working profile of a single homeopathic remedy has been established by way of a proving. A proving is a test applied to healthy volunteers. The results of these tests are described in homeopathic literature. If the working profile of a homeopathic remedy corresponds with the pattern of the complaints of the patient, that remedy can be utilized in accordance with the similia rule. The specific product information for the patient in our leaflets is only a limited description on the main characteristics and is meant to give you insight in the relationship between your complaints. If you would like to know more, you can have a look at the original texts as described in the homeopathic standard works (Materia Medica): These texts are based on provings and experience in practice. 

It is important to discuss your complaints with a professional and not to choose a remedy at random.

The authors of the specific information leaflets
The homeopathic MD Frans Kusse from Amsterdam wrote the available background information. They are partial summaries of texts from his books: ‘What Type are You?’ and ‘What Type is my Child?’ Homeopathic MD Jan Scholten has depicted 150 Lanthaniden (a group of 15 elements from the periodic table of which Lanthanum is the first) with their specific spheres of action, for the Hahnemann pharmacy. The foreword was written by Frans Kusse. Martin Dicke and Ingrid Versterre put the remaining texts together from available literature. 


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