Privacy policy


Common interest

As a pharmacy we attach great importance to your privacy. We are legally obliged to include the necessary personal data in our database and to store it responsibly. [1] These data are only used for the proper handling of your prescriptions or orders. We will never pass on your data to other parties or use it for marketing purposes without your permission. All our employees have committed themselves to confidentiality with your personal data.

Access your data and make changes

As a customer you have the right to inspect your personal data and the prescribed medication. [2] In principle we will do this free of charge but we reserve the right to use a market-based rate.

Of course we will immediately include changes to your data and, if desired, send them to you. Because we have to save prescriptions for 15 years (Health Ministry) and invoices for 7 years (Ministry of Finance), we can not delete your personal data within these terms. [3] This can be done on written request if it only concerns orders, which are not based on a prescription, or if it concerns data about your health or illness (medical file). After 15 years, we will delete all your data automatically.


Customers that log in, are personally responsible for keeping their login details confidential and the for the use of their password. In the event of shortcomings in the security provisions of the website or webshop, the Hahnemann Apotheek bv is responsible.

Which data are recorded?

Your name and address are necessary for the shipment of medicines prescribed for you. Your e-mail address and telephone number are necessary in order to be able to communicate in case of doubt or questions and to be able to provide information quickly. Your BSN or ID number is required for the mutual exchange of data with other health professionals and is a legal obligation for pharmacies. Your bank number is necessary for processing the direct debits.

When visiting our website we record per page (anonymous) how often it has been visited. We do this in order to understand what is important to you and to be able to respond to it. These are only statistical data that have no relation to your personal data.

Retention periods

To comply with the law, prescriptions have to be kept for 15 years. General correspondence via e-mail we save up to 2 years. Correspondence about the stored prescriptions, together with your prescriptions, will be kept for a maximum of 15 years. This 15-year retention period does not apply to orders placed via our webshop. We will not keep your order data for more than 3 years unless you state otherwise. Accounts via our webshop or website that have not been used for more than 3 years are automatically removed.

Statistical data

Where necessary, we will record (anonymous) statistical data for the optimization of our working method. This statistical information is therefore not linked to your personal data.

Our choices

In order to be as safe as possible, we have not opted for an automation system that is accessible via the Cloud, as is customary. We have therefore developed our own internal system that offers more safety and operational security. Data that comes to us via the website or webshop is only temporarily stored on the secure site in order to be able to answer questions quickly. For the time being we use a storage period of no more than 1 year. In the Netherlands we use, as long as possible in addition to the direct debit, the “acceptgirokaarten” for payment. We send customers outside the Netherlands a PayPal invoice that can be paid in several ways.


If you have a complaint about the way in which we handle your privacy, please always contact our Data Processing Officer first. If you can not reach an agreement , you can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


The laws that apply to this policy

1. Wbsn-Z: Law use “Burger Service Number” = ID number in Healthcare

2. AVG: European General Data Protection Regulation

3. GW: Medicines Act

4. WGBO: Act on the Medical Treatment Agreement


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