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We advise the prescriber to immediately refer to the Electronic Order System (with SEARCH possibilities). You cannot only find the whole assortment there, but also immediately fill in a prescription for your practice or for a patient. This assortment is updated daily. 

By typing in two or three letters all the remedies that meet the search criteria will come up. By clicking on the name of the remedy, all available potencies will be visible: first the available single remedies from VSM, then the ones that we prepare ourselves. If you then click on a potency, you will see which packaging is available and what the price is. With the RETURN button you can then return to the potency overview.

Extra information is given after the name e.g. the family it belongs to, the origins, the preparation and from which potency on the remedy is available. If it reads e.g. ‘alleen vanaf D3/C2/2K’ it means that lower potencies are not available because of their strong workings. This is often the case for poisonous plants or alkaloids as well as for pure chemical substances. We only accept a prescription from a professional prescriber (the magistral formula) for all our own preparations. The registered homeopathic remedies of VSM are freely available.


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