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Summing up of general guidelines
Working and application
Packaging and ways of dosage
Dosage cap for granules
How do you take a homeopathic remedy?
When to take a remedy?
How long should the remedy be taken?
How much and how often do you take a remedy?
Should I adept my eating habbits?
Can I take a remedy at the same time as my other medicine(s)?
Side effect and/or starting aggravations
Warning for alcohol (ethanol)

Oversensitivity c.q. allergy
Children and homeopathic remedies
Pregnancy and breast-feeding
Driving a vehicle or operating machines
What about diabetics and people with lactose intolerance?
Storage life
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Important points in this information
*You have to do something by yourself
*Your Self-Healing system will be stimulated
*Sleep is the motor force governing Self-Healing
*Homeopathic remedies can be easily combined with regular medicine's
*No or very little risks
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It is important to know that your prescriber has chosen the remedy for the totality of your complaints and personality and that your particular complaints don’t necessarily have to be mentioned in descriptions or specific leaflet texts of the remedy.

Summing up of general guidelines

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  • Dissolve drops in a little water and after having kept it in the mouth for some time, swallow it. Do not touch granules or tablets with the hand, but take them e.g. directly from the cap into the mouth and let them dissolve under the tongue. Then wash down with a little water.
  • Drink sufficient water and/or herbal teas during the treatment to detoxify.
  • Pay attention to the quality of your food and eat only when calm and in a good mood. Eat less red meat, sweets, white flour and dairy products.
  • Do exercises e.g. by walking a half hour a day.
  • See that you have a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the motor force governing self healing.
  • It is preferable not to re-order the bottle on one’s own authority. Consult your practitioner first.
  • If there are strong (curing) reactions to the prescribed remedies, it is best to either diminish the doses or stop taking them temporarily, preferably in consultation with your prescriber.


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The name and the potency together are the composition of a remedy. If they are drops, the alcohol percentage is mostly 50% v/v. (NB see also the alcohol warnings). If they are sugar granules, they consist of 100% saccharose (mostly beet sugar). The sugar granules made by the Hahnemann Apotheek itself, don’t contain lactose. The comparable VSM Ltd sugar granules contain 20% lactose. Since November 2012 the small VSM Ltd granules (globules) do not contain any lactose. The tablets consist mainly of milk sugar and besides this contain 0,2% magnesium stearate and wheat starch (VSM tablets). Triturations contain 100% milk sugar.

The strength, dilution or also potency, is written behind the name. D or /10 are for potencies that are potentised by 1 part to 10 and C or /100 for potencies potentised by 1 part to 100. K potencies or when no letter is given, are potentised in accordance with the one-glass-method. LM or 1/50000 is written for potencies that are potentised by 1 part to 50000 in three consecutive steps.

Working and application

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Homeopathic remedies are applied in accordance to the simile rule. The simile rule literally means that like cures like. In other words if there is a high degree of similarity (likeness) between your complaints and the effects of using the undiluted prescribed plant or other substance, then a dilution of this substance can stimulate your self-healing capacity to resolve the complaints in your body again.
On the Internet you can find many discussions about the pros and cons of Homeopathy. It is important that you find your own way within all this. That which suits you well and feels good is truer than what goes against your feelings and does not suit you. In this context we speak of perception.

Packaging and ways of dosage

Most homeopathic remedies are supplied in granules or drops and sometimes as tablets. Granules are small sugar grains that have been moistened with the prescribed homeopathic potency in dilution.
These granules in homeopathy are mostly of a size of which there are "20" in one gram. Since November 2012 VSM has granules that are 5 times as small as they were before, so there are 100 granules (globules) per gram. Rarely are even smaller sugar grains of a format of 250 to 500 per g prescribed. These very tiny grains are called globules (especially in Belgium and France with the LM potencies). The standard packaging is 4 g or 10 g (4 g contain 80 granules en 10 g contain 200 granules). Since November 2012 the following is standard for VSM: 4 g contain  400 globules and 10 g contain 1000 globules, or 5x as much. The drops are sometimes packaged as 10 ml, 20 ml or 30 ml. Per ml the number of drops is about 25. Thus 10 ml contains 250 drops and 30 ml e.g. contains 750 drops.

Dosage cap for the granules

The handiest would be, if you turn the vial with the transparent cap upside down, then turning the cap around to let three granules fall into it, followed by putting the vial upright again, while taking off the transparent cap with the 3 granules. 

We have glued the label onto the vial upside down as well, because you have to obtain the granules that way. The newest dosage caps of VSM are made according to the same principle.

How do you take a homeopathic remedy?
You can dissolve the drops in a little water and then take it in the mouth, twirl it around while being attentive, then swallow it. Do this at the minimum 15 minutes before or after a meal. A good moment is e.g. half an hour before breakfast, because there is no food in the mucus membranes. Because the effectiveness of the remedy takes place in the mouth, it is important to keep it there for some time, before swallowing. The working does not take place via the stomach, so it is not important what you have eaten or will eat. What is important is that you take time for it. 

For small children or babies it is important to first dissolve the granules e.g. in some water or that a tablet is pulverised. Never give undiluted drops to children because of the high alcohol content, and never more than 5 drops at the time. You let the neutral tasting tablets, granules and globules melt in the mouth. It is better to avoid contact of the hand with the granules or tablets. You can put the granules directly from the cap into your mouth or with the help of a plastic teaspoon.

A somewhat adapted way of taking a remedy, sometimes called the ‘plussing method’, is as follows: For a week, daily dissolve 10 granules in half a litre of water (e.g. in a handy bottle). Take little sips of it spread over the day, till it is finished. Do not swallow it immediately, but let it whirl in your mouth while being attentive. The word ‘plussing’ stands for the fact that, each time before you take another sip, you shake the bottle vigorously. After that week you can go back to taking e.g. 3 granules, 1x a day,. If necessary, repeat the ‘plussing’ method of dissolving and shaking on days that you seem to be doing less well.

When to take a remedy?
In general it is best to take a remedy at the same time of the day. When getting up, before brushing your teeth, is a good moment or, when a remedy has to be taken 3 times a day, 15 minutes before a meal is a good time. 

When ordered only once a day, then take it before breakfast as described. When ordered twice a day, then take it before breakfast and dinner.

When ordered three times a day, take it before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When ordered four times a day, take it before breakfast, lunch, dinner and before going to sleep. NB: Unless your prescriber has given you other instructions.

How long should the remedy be taken?
This is always in consultation with your prescriber. When the complaints diminish or increase it can be decided to lower the dosage e.g. by taking it less often or taking half a dosage. When complaints have disappeared, it can, in consultation with your prescriber, be decided to stop taking the remedy. If, after taking the contents of a prescription, there is no improvement, it is sensible to ask advice from your prescriber. Never continue taking a prescribed remedy for a long time without consultation! 

How much and how often do you take a remedy?
When the remedy is prescribed, the dosage is written on the label of the pharmacy. It is important to follow this prescription. The normal granules are in general taken per 1-3 at the time. That means that with a packaging of 4 g, there is enough for 26 - 80 dosages. E.g. for 4 weeks: 3 granules per day.

Since November 2012 the new packaging by VSM, the globules, can be best taken at a dosage of 5 - 15 (comparable with the drops).

Drops are usually taken in a little water at a dosage of 5-10 drops. A packaging of 20 ml contains at least 500 drops. That is sufficient for 50 to 100 dosages. Thus a 30 ml bottle is enough for 4 weeks, 3x7 drops per day. Tablets are mostly taken one at the time or sometimes two at a time. It is common to take a dosage (as described here) 3x per day, up to and including D6 potencies. For the D12 that is maximal 2x per day and for the D30 that is maximal 1x a day. The C potencies, K potencies and LM potencies are hardly ever taken more than 1x per day. Higher potencies (above 30) like e.g. 200K are taken 1-2 times per week (or even less frequently). Keep in mind though, that a prescriber sometimes employs quite different dosages.

Underneath is an outline based on age:

Children up to 6 years old
1 dosage corresponds to 2-5 drops, 1 tablet, 1-5 globules, 1 granule

Children from 6 up to 12 years old
1 dosage corresponds to 5-10 drops, 1-2 tablets, 5-10 globules, 2 granules

Children from 12 years on and adults
1 dosage correspond to 10-15 drops, 2 tablets, 10-15 globules, 3 granules.

Should I adapt my eating habits?
It is regularly advised to adapt the usage of stimulants. Coffee, tea, cacao/chocolate and alcohol are put on ration. In case your prescriber has advised to stop using certain foods or stimulants, it is best to adhere to it.

Can I take a remedy at the same time as my other medicine(s)?
What is especially important, is that you do not take all kinds of medicines at the same time. A homeopathic remedy works completely differently from a regular medicine. In general you can use both kinds of medicines next to each other. The homeopathic remedy supports your healing process, while the regular medicine helps you to experience less hindrance of your complaints.

Side effects and/or starting aggravations
Because the homeopathic remedy helps you in the healing process, side effects are mostly unlikely, but for a short period you could re-experience old complaints or have a feeling that a complaint seems worse than before. This is commonly referred to as ‘starting aggravation’. This is part of the sphere of action of homeopathy and shows that you react intensively to the remedy. In all cases where you experience this type of reaction, it is good to report them to your prescriber at the next consultation. If a starting aggravation worries you or continues for more than a week, you should consult your prescriber immediately.

Warning for alcohol (ethanol)
Traditionally alcohol (ethanol) is used in homeopathic drops. Alcohol (ethanol) is an excellent preservative and solvent for plant material. Lower potencies and mother tinctures always contain minimal 50% ethanol and sometimes even 70% ethanol. The maximum dosage for children and pregnant women is 100mg pure ethanol 50%. Since 5 drops per dosage is sufficient for an effective working, we never advice more than 5 drops at a time for children and pregnant women.

Oversensitivity c.q. Allergy
If you have an oversensitivity to, in particular certain plants, (e.g. arnica oversensitivity), please let us know about that. We will include that in your patient information. VSM tablets contain a little wheat starch. The quantity of gluten in this wheat starch in the tablets is so slight, that they are still suitable for people with coeliakie.

Children and homeopathic remedies
Children react very fast and well to homeopathic remedies because their capacity to adjustment and self healing is, as a rule, excellent. As far as the dosage is concerned, you should follow the prescription of your prescriber. Please, pay attention that children never take more than 5 drops per dosage. See also the warning against alcohol.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding
Because of the high degree of safety of homeopathic remedies, they can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding and sometimes even especially during that time. At lower potencies (meaning under D6, see also overdosing) and in very few cases, there may be a warning for usage during pregnancy, because of material that could be damaging to the unborn foetus, if taken in higher concentrations. To exclude any risk a warning will be given in any such case. During pregnancy and breast-feeding always consult your prescriber. NB During pregnancy prudence is called for in the use of alcohol. Therefore never take more than 5 drops per dosage, just as is called for with children.

Tablets or granules are for children as well as pregnant women always safe.

Driving a vehicle or operating machines
In general homeopathic remedies will be safe and compatible with driving a vehicle or operating machines.

What about diabetics and people with lactose intolerance?
There is 100% saccharose in the current granules and globuli, which makes them free of lactose. The maximum dose is 3x3 granules a day: per day your intake is thus maximal 450 mg (=0,5 g sugar). These minimal quantities don’t cause problems for diabetics.

With tablets that consisted of almost 100% lactose, your intake would have been 600 mg (=0,6 g milk sugar) maximal per day. Tablets are less suitable for people with lactose intolerance, but granules and drops will not cause any problems for people with lactose intolerance. It will be wise to take precautions only if the quantities you have to take are more than some grams per day.

With a homeopathic remedy overdosing is hardly possible and not to be expected considering the sphere of action. Just as is mentioned under the heading pregnancy, you need to handle lower potencies and drops that contain alcohol carefully. 

Lower potencies are lower than D6, like the mother tinctures D1, D2, D3, D4 D5 and C1, C2 and 1K and 2K. A LM1 does not belong to the former mentioned lower potencies. (A LM1 is a low potency, but is diluted in such a way, that it always contains much less of the original material than D6 does.) LM potencies and potencies from D6 and C3 on (or 3K) are therefore extremely safe.

Storage life
Although little is known about the storage life of homeopathic remedies, a period of maximum 5 years is generally indicated, starting from the preparation day. For homeopathic remedies that are separately prepared for you by the Hahnemann Pharmacy, a storage life of maximum 2 years is given. This does not have much to do with the physical storage life, but more with the maximum period in which you must have used the prescribed remedy. It is not advisable to just start taking the same remedy again without consulting your prescriber.

It is best to keep homeopathic remedies out of the sun, in a cool, dark place at temperatures between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is also best to keep them away from strong smelling substances like perfume or essential oils. Try not to expose homeopathic remedies too much to electromagnetic fields such as televisions, computers or household apparatus. 

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