Summary about reimbursement

Each health care insurance company follows the governmental regulations and its own rules. Reimbursement by a health care insurance company (only if you have a supplementary insurance) can take place if a homeopathic remedy is registered by the KNMP and has a KNMP or Z-index number. An invoice from our pharmacy must contain the BSN number of the patient, the Z-index number and the AGB code of the prescriber. The Hahnemann Apotheek bv sends you an invoice that you first have to pay, before you present this invoice to the insurance company. Order, postage or administration costs are never reimbursed. The Achmea group, with the fortunate exception of Avero Achmea, does not reimburse even our authorized homeopathic remedies. Comparative sites can help you choose the right alternative supplementary health care insurance company.


What qualifies for reimbursement?
If you are insured for a supplementary insurance, all homeopathic remedies that are officially authorized are taken into account. These are recognizable by the KNMP number (Z-index number, or ZI-number) on the invoice. The reimbursement of preparations made by us (magistral and officinal preparations) differs per insurer. Many insurers reimburse the homemade preparations only if the used base materials have a Z-index number.

In those cases when we prepare a complex remedy that consists of registered base materials on request, we mention them on the invoice by means of a label with the related Z-index numbers.

What will never be considered for reimbursement?
The order, postage or administration costs will never be considered for reimbursement.
Food supplements are very rarely reimbursed.

Our own preparations (magistral and officinal preparations) are hardly ever reimbursed. (They can be recognized by the Z-index number starting with 900…..)

Some of the submitted invoices might be refused because it concerns a ‘magistral preparation’ with base materials that do not have a Z-index number. Nevertheless, it is always worthwhile sending in these invoices, because insurers do not all employ the same conditions.

Presenting invoices
After payment to us
, it is best to directly present the invoice to your insurer and to let them reimburse you. Payment from the insurer to the Hahnemann Apotheek BV only causes more extra administrative work that is not reimbursed by your insurer and therefore must still be paid by you (mentioning the invoice number). 

Contracts with insurance companies
In principle we, as a pharmacy, don’t need to have a contract with an insurer for the supplementary insurance. Even without a contract, authorized homeopathic remedies (mainly VSM) are generally reimbursed. Also we do not have contracts with insurance companies because the standard contracts do not apply to the delivery of homeopathic remedies by a specialized pharmacy like ours.

Unfortunately the Achmea group insurers (e.g. ZilverenKruis Achmea) have caused some inconvenience with their decision to require a contract with us even for the supplementary insurance.  The exception to this rule is the insurer Avero Achmea, that continues to reimburse authorized homeopathic remedies without a contract. Even so, sometimes, authorized homeopathic remedies are reimbursed by courtesy. The Achmea group does reimburse authorized remedies that are delivered by your regular pharmacy.

Magistral and officinal preparations
According to the regulations of many health insurers, magistral and officinal preparations are reimbursed; provided that the used base material has a Z-index number and that it concerns a rational prescription. Of course, a doctor or therapist who is a member of a recognized professional organization must prescribe the prescription. A pharmacy must prepare the prescription.

The base materials that we use for our own preparations have so far not been ascribed a Z-index number. Our pharmacy employs our internal Z-index numbers that start with 900…..

KNMP numbers or Z-index numbers
Many insurers ask for a KNMP or Z-index number (ZI-number). They are numbers that were originally ascribed and priced to authorized remedies and base materials by the KNMP (Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie). Later on the KNMP became an independent database by the name of Z-index. Thus it is, in reality, a price list. All our own homeopathic preparations (magistral and officinal) have for the time being fallen outside their scope.

Authorization number or RVH number
The authorization number is ascribed by the CBG (College ter beoordeling van geneesmiddelen). The authorization number is preceded by the letters RVH (this means Registration of Homeopathic medicine). The authorization number is only mentioned on registered homeopathica like the remedies from VSM Geneesmiddelen bv or from HEEL.

What to do by refusal?
It is recommended to always check if the refusal is correct. In case a KNMP number or Z-index number is asked for, this will not be known in most of the cases because it concerns an magistral or officinal preparation of a homeopathic base material that does not (yet) have a Z-index-number. In case there is no Z-index number yet, you can explain that to the insurance company and sometimes reimbursement is given. In case anyone says that homeopathy is not a rational therapy, you could react as follows: ‘Homeopathy is the most rational therapy there is, because it is based on a principle (the simile principle): like cures like. At the authorization of homeopathic remedies this principle was implicitly acknowledged, by which homeopathy as a system was acknowledged. Using an unauthorized base material does not take away from that. After all, otherwise there could not be a reimbursement for authorized homeopathica either (these are just as ‘rational’ as magistral preparations).’

If an insurer says that we, as a pharmacy, do not have a contract with them, you can react as follows: ‘There is no need for a contract with a supplementary insurance for the Hahnemann pharmacy, because we are a specialised pharmacy and that is just a bit different from what you, insurers, are used to.’ 
Unfortunately the insurers of the Achmea groep (with the exception of Avero Achmea) do want a contract for a supplementary insurance and, furthermore, refuses to  conclude a contract with the Hahnemann Pharmacy.


NB 1  The KVHN offers again in 2016 a collective insurance with Avero Achmea: Gezond leven verzekering. Be aware though that other Achmea group members like Zilveren Kruis do not reimburse homeopathic remedies made by us. Moreover they only reimburse them when prescribed by a doctor (not by a therapist!). For treatments they often apply other rules; there they pay attention to the professional association that a doctor or therapist belongs to.

NB 2  Zorgverzekeraar Menzis reimburses, just like other insurers, only authorized homeopathic remedies. Besides that the health care provider has to belong to a professional association approved by them. For the time being these are only the NVKH, AVIG AND NOKH. This is in contrast to earlier information. See also NB 4.

NB 3  In 2014 Zorgverzekeraar Interpolis removed all alternative treatments from its supplementary insurances. They describe it like this: “On the other hand I should state that we will remove small, predictable health costs from our insurances.”

NB 4  Some health insurers like, CZ, Achmea, Menzis, VGZ and ONVZ are busy setting up conditions for the training providers and the professional associations for alternative practitioners that want to be reimbursed.

NB 5   In 2014 a number of health insurers have established a daily allowance of about 40 euro for alternative therapies. This means that you have to pay the main part yourself, especially for the first consultation.

NB 6   We have also included a reference for students who would like to insure themselves for alternative medicine.

NB 7   For a comparison (e.g. only costs) you can visit different sites and even change immediately, which is sometimes the best approach. You can also have a look at careChooser, other good sites or careIndicator for comparisons.


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