Highlights of the vision
*First step in recovery is the stimulation of the Self-Healing
*Self-Healing and Placebo effect is the same mechanism
*Homeopathy stimulate the Self-Healing
*Healing comes from our inside

This heading is about what the Hahnemann pharmacy stands for. Even before the foundation of the pharmacy I had written the brochure 'A different view on Illness and Recovery' in 1998. You can find a summary of the text at the back of our invoices. Our vision is also depicted in the adjoining diagram.

Quite often there are questions about the choices we have made. Because most of the answers were given in an interview for Pharma magazine in 2007, I have included the text ‘Standpuntbepaling’ here. When reading the article you will notice how ‘topical’ the article still is.

To support you, as a public health worker and/or policymaker in regular health care, in obtaining more insight in the homeopathic vision on disease and recovery, I have put together four modules that will help you step by step to understand this different way of looking at disease and recovery.

The first module ‘The sharing of Information in Homeopathy' gives a good insight in the world of information and its potential.

The second module ‘Placebo and Self-Healing’ shows how important it is to realize that we have a free choice and that disease has a meaning.

The third module ‘The Hahnemann Trick’ explains the different methods of the preparation of homeopathic remedies.

The fourth module ‘The Working principle of Homeopathy’ tries to find an answer to the question patients often ask: how can I visualize this working of homeopathy?

If you have any further questions after reading these modules, we will be very pleased to answer them. If you have any observations, or additions, we will integrate them with care. The modules have been developed and added onto over the years. This has turned them into teaching material for professionals who don’t only want to help their patients in the traditional medical way.

The book ‘Homeopathica’, released as a part of the 15th anniversary of the Hahnemann pharmacy, is a compilation of the historical background of homeopathy interwoven with the context of the four modules.

Martin Dicke

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