1. PRACTITIONER: Your search function does not give the expected results. What to do now?
2. PRACTITIONER: How does the new search feature in the electronic prescription entry work?
3. PRACTITIONER: How do I create an an account?
4. PRACTITIONER: Where can I find the VSM products?
5. PRACTITIONER: Where can I enter supplements and energetics?
6. PRACTITIONER: How do I enter a row of potencies, like 30/200/M/10M?
7. PRACTITIONER: How can I activate auto-completion for my password and other data?
8. PRACTITIONER: Unexpected problems!
9. PATIENT: What do I have to do with a prescription from my doctor/homeopath?
10. PATIENT: What are the shipping costs when I order something?
11. PATIENT: Can I order by phone?
12. PATIENT: For which complaint(s) is(are) the prescribed homeopathic remedy(remedies)?
13. PATIENT: How does a homeopathic remedy work?
14. PATIENT: Can my own pharmacy supply my prescription for a homeopathic remedy?
15. PATIENT: The website is doing strange

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